About the association

The Potato Lake Association (Crystal Township, Washburn County, Wisconsin) was formed in 1993 “to preserve and protect Potato Lake and its surroundings, and to enhance the water quality, fishery, boating safety, and aesthetic value of Potato Lake, as a public recreational facility for today and for future generations.”

In the last several years, the Potato Lake Association, with funding aid from the Wisconsin DNR and the residents, studied the lake to determine lake health and the issues affecting it. Potato Lake is a spring fed lake, with the largest springs located on the south end of the lake. Additional inflow comes overland through several washes and dry runs that flow primarily during snowmelt or large rain events. The lake is the headwaters of Potato Creek. Sources of nutrients to the lake include groundwater, runoff from nearby properties and roadways, and ultimately from all activities in the adjacent watershed.

Approximately 52 property owners in the vicinity of Potato Lake currently make up the association. Membership is voluntary. Annual dues are $25.